SnowpenAir is history

The 23rd SnowpenAir was successfully held at the new location near the Grindelwald Terminal on 26 and 27 March 2022. However, there will not be another SnowpenAir at this location. “The uniqueness of the original location on Kleine Scheidegg cannot be topped”, says Jungfrau Railways director and festival founder Urs Kessler, explaining the decision.

The natural snow arena on Kleine Scheidegg, framed by the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau as well as the depot and trains of the historic Jungfrau Railway, is a festival location at over 2000 metres above sea level almost made for a music festival towards the end of the winter season. “We very much regret that after 22 editions, the SnowpenAir could no longer be held on Kleine Scheidegg due to a deal surrounding the V-Cableway project”, says Jungfrau Railways Director Urs Kessler.

The 23rd edition of SnowpenAir should actually have taken place for the last time on Kleine Scheidegg on 4/5 April 2020. Coronavirus prevented that, as it did the following year. “So the 23rd edition that has just taken place should actually have been the 25th edition”, says Kessler with a smile. That’s why now is a good time to draw a line. “We had beautiful, warm weather again this year, over 20,000 enthusiastic guests and great bands, singers and media coverage at home and abroad, it's a fitting end.”

Challenges overcome

The new venue on the slightly uphill area in Grindelwald Grund with a view of the Grindelwald Terminal and the Eiger Express valley station brought with it some logistical simplifications but also new challenges in the planning due to the move from Kleine Scheidegg down to Grindelwald. At the new venue, much of the planning started from scratch. “Thanks to the nice weather, everything worked well, but in bad weather, the location would not be suitable”, Kessler explains. The history of the SnowpenAir could have continued on Kleine Scheidegg.