Start of preparatory work for the construction launch of V-Cableway project

After more than five years of planning, Jungfrau Railways and Männlichen Railway expect to receive planning permission including the V-Cableway license by the end of May 2018. In order to keep to the tight schedule, construction is planned to begin on 4 June 2018. To this end, various preparatory work is necessary in advance, which the two railway companies in coordination with the municipality of Grindelwald will carry out from the end of April 2018.

Phase I: End of April until start of construction
-  Planners and contractors will undertake further inspections at the construction site in Grindelwald Grund as well as along the two cable car routes.  
-  From 30 April: Cracking protocols are created at buildings adjacent to the site.
-  30 April: Exploratory sites are marked out, in connection with geological monitoring.
-  From 30 April: Piezometers are moved by means of a ram or small boring device.
-  From 7 May: Inclinometers are offset using a boring device (borehole diameter 12cm).

piezometers and inclinometers are small measuring instruments that sometimes have to be installed deep in the ground. They help with the geological monitoring of the subsoil and groundwater levels. The series of measurements must be started before the actual start of construction. If, due to the preparatory work, private land has to be entered, the persons affected will be contacted directly in advance.

Phase II: From the expected start of construction of 4 June 2018
-  The construction site installation takes place at the car park of the GGM.
-  The Rothenegg construction access from the GGM car park is created.
-  A provisional access to the GGM is created.
-  The reloading point at Grindelwald Grund station for material transport to the Eiger Glacier is installed.
-  This is followed by the start of construction at Rothenegg station and at Grund terminal.
-  At the same time, construction work will commence at the following locations: Tricable route (mast foundations), Holenstein middle station, Männlichen mountain station, route GGM (mast foundations), Salzegg (transfer station for material ropeway) and Eiger glacier.
- The municipality of Grindelwald carries out preparatory work concerning the development of Grindelwald Grund (bridges & streets) as well as flood protection reason.

Jungfrau Railways, GGM and the municipality of Grindelwald would like to thank you for your understanding for the upcoming work prior to the start of construction as well as during the implementation phase.