V-Cableway: The Kaufmann family agrees to Grindelwald's request

After years of negotiations and personal discussions, Jungfrau Railways was able to find a solution for realising the V-Cableway project with the Kaufmann family. On 7 February 2018, the agreement jointly prepared by both parties was signed.

With the decision taken on 7 February, the Kaufmann family will withdraw their objection to the V-Cableway project, thus supporting the rapid realisation of the Männlichen Railway. At the same time, the agreement regulates the operating situation regarding evening rides on the "Eigerexpress" tricable gondola. After several rounds of negotiation, a solution acceptable to both parties was found at the beginning of February.

For a good cause
Jungfrau Railways and Männlichen Railways have complied with the wishes of the Kaufmann family and donated an agreed amount to a good cause. This will benefit charitable organisations. In order to reduce the impact of the new tricable gondola on the landowners along the route in the evening, Jungfrau Railways is limiting possible evening trips to a maximum of 36 trips per year, instead of the 128 planned according to the operating concept. 

For Jungfrau Railways and Männlichen Railways, the agreement with the Kaufmann family signifies an important milestone in the project planning of the V-Cableway. The target is to start construction in early summer 2018, in order to open the new Männlichen cableway at the end of 2019 and the Eiger Express at the end of 2020.