Adventure Package

Unlimited railway adventure and up to two activities

Whiz through the air with the First Flyer or First Glider at over 80 km/h to Schreckfeld. After the flight in the securely constructed harness, pick yourself up again and hop onto the fun sport vehicle, First Mountain Cart. Thunder along the rough track from Schreckfeld to Bort. The Trottibike will be there waiting. Then use this to race from Bort to Grindelwald. With the Adventure Package, you can experience up to two rides and unlimited rides on the gondola lift.

The choice is yours

Put your Adventure Package together according to your mood. Upon purchase, set the desired number of activitites and then decide your favourite when you are on the mountain. The aerial gondola can be used for unlimited trips. The package includes one or two activities.

  • First Flyer: Through the air at 84 km/h

    The First Flyer is a Flying Fox variant that guarantees boundless freedom and high speeds. Perfectly secured, up to four people whiz along the 800 metre long steel cable from First to Schreckfeld at a top speed of 84 kilometres per hour.

    • 2,166 – 1,956 m
    • Time required ~ 10 minutes
    • 16.12.23 - 27.10.24
    • Necessary body weight: 35 to 125 kg
  • First Glider: Fly like an eagle

    The First Glider is an eagle that lets up to four passengers soar through the mountain landscape at high speed. First it is pulled up backwards from Schreckfeld to First at a speed of 72 km/h. The return journey reaches speeds of 83 km/h.

    • 2,166 m – 1,956 m
    • Time required ~ 15 minutes
    • Minimum height: 130 cm | Body weight: max. 125 kg
    • 16.12.23 - 27.10.24
  • First Mountain Cart: Fun sport on fast wheels

    The fun First Mountain Cart thunders safely down the mountain and is also suitable for children. Its technical design ensures that you can get safely from Schreckfeld to Bort on the 3 km long natural road.

    • 1,956 m – 1,600 m
    • Time required ~ 30 minutes
    • 09.05.24 - 27.10.24
    • Required minimum height: 135 cm
  • First Trottibike: Downhill to Grindelwald

    The First Trottibike Scooter is the fourth highlight in the Grindelwald First Adventure Package. On a cross between a scooter and bike, you will speed from Bort to Grindelwald, past flower meadows and farmhouses. Mini-trottibikes are available for younger guests.

    • 1,600 m – 1,034 m
    • Time required ~ 30 minutes
    • 12.04.24 - 27.10.24
    • Required minimum height: 125 cm

Prices (in CHF) Adventure Package | Offer validity: 01.05.24 - 27.10.24

The Adventure Package includes the ride on the Firstbahn (unlimited)
101.05.24 - 31.05.24 / 01.09.24 - 27.10.24
201.06.24 - 31.08.24
  Adults Adults reducedreduced Children (6-15 years)Info Kinder
1 activity 781 822 521 542 431 452
2 activities 931 972 691 712 571 592


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