Harder Kulm Harderbahn Nachtaufnahme

Evening trips

It seems unreal. Lake Thun, Lake Brienz, Interlaken and the world famous triumvirate of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau – bathed in a warm, pink light. Ferdinand Hodler could not have painted more beautifully. On the Harder Kulm, the sun goes down and the heart rises. Admittedly, there are many places with beautiful sunsets. But there are not many where you will find this unique combination of a breathtaking view and convenient accessibility. The Harder Railway transports romantics of all kinds every evening in time for the sunset, then back to Interlaken within ten minutes.

Season dates

Evening trips
07.04.23 - 22.10.23

07.04.23 - 26.05.23, last descent 21.10 h
01.08.22, last descent 23.10 h
27.05.23 - 24.09.23, last descent 21.40 h
25.09.23 - 22.10.23, last descent 21.10 h
Panorama-Restaurant Harder Kulm
Dieter Aegerter

3800 Interlaken
+41 33 828 73 11