King of the First Hill


You can become a King or Queen without blue blood. On the eight-kilometre "King of the First hill" downhill race from Oberjoch to Stählisboden, daredevil snow enthusiasts can earn this noble title if they race fast enough. Participants must negotiate the 1,300-metre altitude in the shortest possible time. Aspirants to the title compete in the categories Ski, Snowboard and Fun. In the latter, participants tear down the mountain in costume and it's not the fastest, but rather the most average time that counts. Glory and honour is assured for all the participants but the crown is reserved for the best.

Race card


The start is at the Oberjoch summit station chairlift. Some check gates must be passed along the way. The remainder of the route can be selected by each participant. It is definitely an advantage to familiarise yourself with the piste, which is still possible if you visit the course before the race. You then arrive at the finish line in Stählisboden. The ranking announcement will then take place at the Eiger+ Eventplatz.


1034 - 2168 m.a.s.l.

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