Lauterbrunnen Staubbachfall Nachtaufnahme

Staubbach Falls

Anyone who has ever wanted to meet one of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's "muses" is in the right place in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. The Prince of Poetry was inspired by the imposing Staubbach Falls for his work "Song of the Spirits Over the Waters". Lauterbrunnen's landmark is approximately 300 metres above the vertical rock face – a natural display of a quality that can only be seen here. From the foot of the waterfall, a path leads up to the Staubbach Gallery. The spray fountains, which gave their name to the waterfall, can be observed here up close. And who knows who the muse will kiss next time?

Season dates

all year round
The Staubbach Falls can be admired all year-round, not infrequently iced over in winter.
The Staubbach Gallery is open from May to October.
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