Protective measures

Protection through personal responsibility and solidarity

Winter Sports

With regard to Covid-19, the Jungfrau Ski Region is implementing a protection concept based on the requirements of the federal government and the canton of Bern. This can build on the good experiences of the summer. Similar to the public transport protection concept, there are no capacity restrictions for railways and mountain and cable railways, but as with public transport, masks are mandatory.

For chairlifts and button lifts, there is no obligation to wear masks since guests will mostly be in the open air. The journey time is also less than 15 minutes. Consideration is being given to the possibility of using a snood or bandana as mouth and nose protection in winter sports. Further information to follow

Masks must be worn in publicly accessible indoor areas such as railway stations or cable car stations (from 12/10/2020). If the distance of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained in other areas (e.g. when queuing) masks must also be worn. 

Money back guarantee
A Covid-19 money back guarantee applies to all buyers of a Top4 skipass or Jungfrau Ski Region skipass, one-day or multi-day ticket. In the event of a lockdown and the resulting closure of all Top4 ski areas (Top4 skipass) or the Jungfrau Ski Region (Jungfrau Ski Region skipass), a refund will be made on a pro rata basis. Refunds will be made in cash or, for online purchases, by transfer to a credit card. Further information to follow


Seat reservations recommended and protective masks mandatory.

For the journey to the Jungfraujoch, we strongly recommend that you reserve a seat in good weather. Secure your seat (CHF 10 per person) at If you do not make a reservation, we cannot guarantee you a seat at the desired departure time. Longer waiting times must be expected.

Wearing a protective mask is mandatory on all means of transport of the Jungfrau Railways and in the public areas inside the buildings on the Jungfraujoch.

General information

Jungfrau Railways has developed a protection concept similar to the public transport concept, based on federal guidelines. It focuses on the personal responsibility and solidarity of all guests.

The bars and restaurants implement the industry concept of “gastronomy”.

How we protect you

  • We regularly wash our hands with soap or disinfectant.
  • We wear protective masks for your protection. Wherever possible, a screen separates us.
  • We maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from each other and from you, if possible.
  • We regularly clean surfaces and objects.
  • If we feel unwell, we go home and isolate ourselves until we are well again.

How you can help us

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap or disinfectant.
  • A protective mask must be worn on all means of transport of the Jungfrau Railways. In addition, the wearing of a protective mask is obligatory in publicly accessible indoor areas – corresponding signs will alert you to this. 
  • Please observe the rules of conduct at our train stations, on our railways and on the excursion mountains. The rules are set out on posters and announcements.
Protective measures incl. logo

These protective measures will make excursions as safe as possible

When travelling and during excursions, please note the protective measures for public transport, mountain railways and the hygiene and distance requirements of the BAG and the Canton of Bern. Jungfrau Railways adheres to the protection concept of the public transport and mountain railway industry. It focuses on the personal responsibility and solidarity of customers. The following protective measures must be taken into account: 

Protective measures

  • Keep your distance

    Keep your distance at stops, counters and ticket machines. Leave space for the people alighting and form a passageway in busy places. Ensure the best possible distribution of passengers in the vehicle. 

  • Wearing masks

    Wearing a protective mask is mandatory on all means of transport of the Jungfrau Railways.

  • Buy ticket online

    Prepare for the journey: Consult the online timetable. If possible, buy your ticket online or from ticket machines and pay at counters, preferably without contact. Keep your ticket handy for inspection.

  • Observe hygiene rules

    Observe the rules of hygiene and conduct of the Federal Swiss Department of Health. 

  • We clean regularly

    We regularly clean our vehicles, especially contact surfaces such as handrails, handles and buttons. Support us by not leaving any rubbish in the vehicles and disposing of it in the bins on the platforms. 

  • Obligation to wear masks in restaurants and bars

    Masks are compulsory in all catering establishments. Protective masks may only be taken off when sitting at the table. There are longer waiting times in the waiting areas around noon. For the à la carte restaurant “Crystal” (2nd floor), we strongly recommend booking a table via [email protected]. At the “Aletsch” self-service restaurant (1st floor), we recommend coming before 11.45 or after 13.30 h.

    In good weather, the restaurant “Speedy” (ground floor) and the “Proseccobar” (Sphinx) are also open.  There we can also ensure a maximum waiting time of 5 minutes at lunchtime.

  • Contact tracing in bars and restaurants

    In accordance with the cantonal ordinance, valid as of 17/08/2020, we ask that in all bars and restaurants you give us the full details in writing of one guest per group of guests. Your data will be stored with us for 14 days in accordance with data protection regulations. Your data will not be processed electronically, will not be used for any other purpose and will be irretrievably destroyed after 14 days. In the event of a request from the health authorities, we will pass this data onto them.

    Jungfrau Gastronomie AG would like to point out that it is likely that the required distance will not be met, thus increasing the risk of infection. It is possible that you will be contacted by the competent cantonal authority. We draw attention to their powers to order a quarantine if there has been contact with people infected with Covid-19.

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