Schynige Platte Bahnfahrt Fuehrerstand Dampflokomotive Heizkessel

Cab-view ride

Ever dreamed of driving a locomotive? Now is the time to make your dream come true. It includes all the details: putting on the cap and overalls as well as getting your hands dirty from oiling the machine. On the driver's cab ride with the SPB steam locomotive, you not only control the steering. You also learn how to prepare and heat the locomotive. The ride lasts for one or three hours, as the case may be, including a coffee break. And so that you can be sure it wasn't just a dream, you can take something away with you: the cap, a certificate, an antique map of the Schynige Platte Railway and a souvenir.

Driver's cab ride and firing the coal

  • Instruction
  • Loading coal
  • Loading water
  • Firing the coal
  • Lubrication
  • Coffee break

Mornings only from 05.45 to 12.33
CHF 455

Footplate ride without firing the coal

  • Instruction on "behaviour during the ride"
  • Coffee break
  • Ride in the driver's cab afterwards

Mornings from 07.45 to 12.33 or afternoons from 13.05 to 17.53
CHF 355

Only one person can participate per trip
Registration via Wilderswil railway station

Rail Info Interlaken Höheweg 35
3800 Interlaken
+41 33 828 72 33