Schynige Platte Panorama Eiger Jungfrau Maennlichen Restaurant Terrasse Sommer

Panorama Restaurant and Hotel

Time there seems to stand still. Like as it was over a hundred years ago, when the restaurant on the Schynige Platte opened its doors, today the summit of the Bernese Oberland Alps spreads out in front of visitors and the majestic triumvirate of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau perches in the middle with a glittering glacial panorama. As reliable as the breathtaking view is what comes out of the kitchen: homely, hearty, regional. If you like something special, you can try delicacies from the in-house high-smokehouse – chamois, for example, or wild boar. Hotel rooms like those in Grandma's time are the icing on the cake of this charming journey into the past. And where time stands still, rest and relaxation can begin. With a timeless alpine glow directly into the room.

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Opening times

26.05.22 - 23.10.22 | 08.00 to 18.00 h
Hotel Schynige Platte
Jasmin und Thomas Willem
3812 Wilderswil
+41 33 828 73 73


  • Hiking ticket Schynige Platte - First
    Wanderticket Schynige Platte Grindelwald First
    From CHF 36.90

    Hiking ticket Schynige Platte - First

    Hike over the classics of the Alps! The hiking trail leads from Schynige Platte via Faulhorn to the First Railway mountain station
    • 26/05/22 to 23/10/22
  • Hiking ticket Breitlauenen - Schynige Platte
    Wanderticket Breitlauenen Schynige Platte
    From CHF 27.50

    Hiking ticket Breitlauenen - Schynige Platte

    The pleasure of hiking with a stunning panorama from the Breitlauenen Station up to the mountain station of Schynige Platte Railway.
    • 26/05/22 to 23/10/22
  • Teatime Ticket
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    From CHF 29

    Teatime Ticket

    Every day from 14.05, the Schynige Platte Railway brings you a cup of warm tea with pastries for teatime at the Panorama Restaurant.
    • 26/05/22 to 23/10/22