Interview with the CEO and Chairman
of the Board of Directors

  • Jungfraujoch

    New visitor record with 1,041,500 guests.

  • Experience Mountains

    Transport income up by 21.1 per cent.

  • Wintersport

    Increase at a low level.

«Every year we transport several thousand tonnes of material for major events like the Lauberhorn Races.»

A portrait of Peter Schneider, Head of Freight Transport, Lauterbrunnen-Wengen

The Key Figures

An overview of the key figures for Jungfrau Railway Group.

193.8moperating income (in CHF)
143.8mtransportation revenues (in CHF)
53.0mEBIT (in CHF)
41.6mannual profit (in CHF)
7.09earnings per share (in CHF)
27.4%EBIT margin

«During the high season, we are there for our guests every day until 10 PM.»

A portrait of Kathrin Aemmer, Head of the Rail Info Interlaken sales outlet and Thomas Stucki, First Shop Assistant Interlaken

«Always on the right track through openness and transparency.»

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bieger,
Chairman of the Board of Directors

«For the events, train operations are already partly up and running at 4 AM»

A portrait of Markus Kellenberger, Head of Technology and Operations, First Railway