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All information on compensation, holdings and loans (content and establishment of the compensation and holding programmes for the Management Board and Executive Board, principles and elements of the compensation and the holding programmes as well as organisation, procedures and rules for the fixing thereof) are set forth in the separate remuneration report.

In the statutes, the following rules regarding compensation, holdings and loans are laid down for the Management Board and Executive Board:

SubjectManagement BoardExecutive Board
Principles of performance-related remunerationArt. 20, para. 1Art. 20, para. 2
Principles of the allocation of equity instruments, conversion rights and option rightsArt. 20, para. 3Art. 20, para. 3
Rules on loans, credit and pension paymentsArt. 20, para. 4 and 5Art. 20, para. 4 and 5
Rules concerning the general meeting,s vote on remunerationArt. 14a, para. 1, 2, 3Art. 14a, paras. 1, 2, 3
Additional amount for the remuneration of Executive Board members who are appointed after the AGM,s vote on remuneration-Art. 14a, para. 2