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At 31 December

CHF (thousands)Note2017%2016%
Current assets
Liquid funds82,28458,841
Receivables from deliveries and services19,5797,705
Other current receivables215,7964,517
Accrued income36,7757,177
Total current assets116,38717.7%79,61312.7%
Fixed assets
Financial assets46,7099,464
Tangible assets5524,926527,609
Intangible assets68,7378,618
Total fixed assets540,37282.3%545,69187.3%
Total Assets656,759100.0%625,304100.0%
Outside capital
Liabilities from deliveries and services718,02523,766
Current financial liabilities8740740
Other current liabilities94,9524,683
Current provisions101,9751,299
Deferred income1116,63112,633
Total current borrowed capital42,3236.4%43,1216.9%
Non-current financial liabilities836,43133,003
Non-current provisions1042,09443,063
Total non-current borrowed capital78,52512.0%76,06612.2%
Total borrowed capital120,84818.4%119,18719.1%
Share capital238,7538,753
Capital reserves-1,417-1,850
Treasury shares23-399-442
Retained earnings [1]524,588495,540
Equity shareholders of Jungfraubahn Holding AG531,525502,001
Minority interests4,3864,116
Total equity535,91181.6%506,11780.9%
Total liabilities656,759100.0%625,304100.0%
[1] Due to a change in the presentation, the profit for the year is no longer shown on a separate line but included in retained earnings. The previous year has been adjusted accordingly.