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Thursday, 21.00 h. Many Arabic guests stroll across the Höhematte in Interlaken: just arrived from a Swiss airport or on a day trip in the Jungfrau Region and full of expectations as to what they should expect over the next few days. In the centre of Interlaken you can see an information point with Arabic lettering, which makes it clear at first glance that travellers like them can be well looked after here.

"As a tourism enthusiast, working in sales at Jungfrau Railways is a passion for him."

Emad Boutrous is part of the sales team at Jungfrau Railways, and he is in charge of looking after Arabic guests throughout the summer season at the Höhematte in Interlaken. The family man works at his information and sales stand at the Jungfrau Railways Rail Info entrance, gives Arabic visitors tips on outings, advises them on their plans and sells them the necessary tickets for Jungfrau Railways.

Language promotes trust

In his daily work, the native Egyptian always encounters new challenges. His customers want to be largely independent and travel without specific guidelines – this is not always easy with fixed timetables and seat reservations on the Jungfrau Railway in summer. As Emad addresses his guests and explains the circumstances to them, he can inspire them time and again to take excursions in the region – all in Arabic, of course.

The naturalised Grindelwalder masters the Arabic language perfectly and so wins the confidence of guests much faster, whose English skills are often not very good. After their initial consultation with him, most of the tourists turn to the 35-year-old again and again during their stay. Emad receives unpaid leave from his employer for his work during the summer season. The sales job at Jungfrau Railways is a passion for him as a tourism enthusiast.