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For all Experience Mountains, which include excursion transport to Harder Kulm, First and Winteregg-Mürren, the Jungfrau Railway Group registered record results. With an increase of 21.1 per cent in total, net transport income could once again be significantly increased. The Harder Railway achieved an increase in net transport income of 39.5%. The First Railway booked an increase of 18.3%. The Lauterbrunnen-Mürren mountain railway achieved an increase of 11.6% in net transport income. For the Experience Mountains overall, a CHF 2.8 million higher transport income was generated than in the previous year, at CHF 15.9 million.

Harder Railway is benefiting from intensive cross-marketing with the Jungfraujoch. With good visibility from the centre and the limited time required, the mountain has become a must for every visitor to Interlaken, opening up markets outside the Jungfrau Railway. The fact that the other excursion destinations are also developing positively is due to the fact that they are actively taking up the trend towards athletic and fun-filled activities in the wild. The First Railway can successfully position itself for everyone with the "First Cliff Walk", the two adventure railways "First Flieger" and "First Glider", mountain carts and the Trottibike scooters in the Soft Adventure area. Winteregg is continually strengthening its family attractions. With the new freeride track, it has a unique attraction for the ambitious cyclist.