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Management Board and Executive Board

At the 2017 AGM Hanspeter Rüfenacht was newly elected to the Management Board as representative of BEKB | BCBE (Berner Kantonalbank). He replaced Jürg Rieben, who was no longer available for re-election. The chairman and the remaining four members of the Management Board were also confirmed by the AGM. The AGM elected to the remuneration committee: Peter Baumann (up to now), Prof. Dr. Thomas Bieger (up to now), Hanspeter Rüfenacht (new)

Since 2008, the Jungfrau Railways Executive Board has remained unchanged. On 31 May 2017, Jürg Lauper retired. Since then, the Executive Board has consisted of three members: Urs Kessler, CEO, Christoph Seiler, CFO, and Christoph Schläppi, Corporate Secretary. For the time being, the Management Board has decided not to add another member.

The information on the persons and compensation for the Management Board and Executive Board can be found in the remuneration report and the corporate governance section of this annual report.

Management of operational units (reorganisation 2018)

The business units of the Group, in place until the end of 2017, were each managed by a head with overall responsibility. The heads of the business units were (as of 31/12/2017):

  • Werner Amacher, Harder Railway
  • Marco Luggen, First Railway and winter sports
  • Martin Loosli, Top of Europe Shops
  • Markus Balmer, Wengernalp Railway
  • Gabriel Roth, Jungfrau Railway
  • Stefan Wittwer, Mürren Railway
  • Nils von Allmen, Lütschental power station

The departments support the operations managers. The following department heads were among the top Group managers as at 31/12/2017:

  • Patrizia Bickel, Head of Corporate Communications
  • Matthias Bütler, Head of Marketing
  • Reto Mettler, Head of Gastronomy
  • Andreas Piattini, Head of Human Resources
  • Stefan Würgler, Head of Sales and Production

As of 1 January 2018, the organisational structure was formally adapted to the process organisation, which is process-oriented. The activity of the three business fields is described in the main processes of the process organisation. Several specialist and support departments support the added value in the business segments. The major value creation processes, i.e. the business units, are now assigned a management function in the organisational chart of the organisational structure:

  • Markus Balmer, Jungfrau – Top of Europe business segment
  • Marco Luggen, Experience Mountains and Winter Sport segments
  • Thomas Aebischer, Bernese Oberland Railways segment (partner company)

The segment managers in the organisation matrix have the role of ordering the services of the specialist and support departments. The gastronomy department has been rebuilt and IT separated into its own segment. These are led by the following managers:

  • Patrizia Bickel, Corporate Communications,
  • Matthias Bütler, Marketing,
  • Reto Mettler, Gastronomy (new),
  • Andreas Piattini, Human Resources,
  • Gabriel Roth, Technology (newly centralised),
  • Christoph Seiler, Finance,
  • Urs Siegenthaler, IT (new),
  • Stefan Würgler, Operations (previously “Sales and Production”).

The site managers Werner Amacher, Martin Loosli, Stefan Wittwer and Nils von Allmen will continue their previous work in the same or expanded form within the new structures.

Bruno Hofweber

Bruno Hofweber was elected to the Management Board of Jungfraubahn Holding AG on 25 May 2009. The trained banker with various business qualifications complemented the Management Board's expertise in financial matters. Accordingly, since 2009 he has been a member of the Audit Committee of the Management Board. Bruno Hofweber’s knowledge and experience as head of an important regionally anchored company were particularly valuable to the Management Board and the company. He knew many tourist service providers personally. The smooth interaction with these important partners in the experience chain is of great importance to Jungfrau Railways. On 24 November 2017, Bruno Hofweber announced that he would no longer be available for re-election and would therefore be leaving the Management Board at the 2018 AGM. Colleagues and Executive Board are very grateful to him for his commitment to the Management Board.