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The following information [19] on the Executive Board refers to 31 December 2017. Jürg Lauper left Jungfrau Railways on 31 May 2017 and has retired. You will find continuously updated information online at

Urs Kessler (1962, CH)

1 Qualified at Advanced College of Commerce - operational management - qualified sales trainer - diploma as Marketing Planner - Federal ETH Diploma as Marketing Manager - SKU course in Company Management 2 Operational management and sales at several Swiss railway stations; various managerial functions at BLS with emphasis on marketing; joined Jungfrau Railways in 1987; 3 Chairman of the Executive Board Jungfrau Railways 4 Chairman of the Board of Directors of subsidiaries (WAB, JB, FB, PHL, BLM, HB, MB, GGI, JGA) 5 None 6 Management Board Congress Centre Kursaal Interlaken AG 7 Board of Trade and Industry Union of the canton of Bern; Board Member of Interlaken Tourismus (TOI), RAILplus Board of Directors; Member of Strategieausschuss Direkter Verkehr (StAD, Direct Transport Strategy Committee); Board of Directors BE! Tourismus AG; öV Preis- und Vertriebsgesellschaft AG Board of Directors 8 None 9 Chairman of the Executive Board 10 Joined as employee in sales promotion in 1987; became Head of "Commercial Services" in 1990; Head of the new Marketing and Operations department, elected to company management in 1994; 2007 elected as CEO as of 1 September 2008

Christoph Schläppi (1959, CH)

1 Lawyer; Management for the Legal Profession HSG 2 Lawyer in Interlaken; 1996 Joined Jungfrau Railways 3 Member of the Executive Board Jungfraubahnen 4 Management Board of subsidiaries (WAB, JB, PHL, FB, SPX, BLM, HB, MB, GGI, JGA) 5 None 6 Member of the Board of Trustees of the Jungfrau Railways Pension Fund; Vice-Chairman of the Management Board of Gondelbahn Grindelwald-Männlichen AG; Member of the pension committee Gondelbahn Grindelwald-Männlichen AG; Member of the Administration Cooperative Mönchsjochhütte, Secretary; Member of the Management Board Bank EKI; Chairman of the Audit Committee Bank EKI 7 Representative of the VöV on the Board of Trustees Swiss Accident Prevention Commission for Snowsports Runs (SKUS) 8 None 9 Corporate Secretary 10 Admission as Management Secretary (later Head of the Management Department) and Secretary of the Board of Directors, 1998 Member of the Executive Board

Christoph Seiler (1969, CH)

1 lic. rer. pol. Christoph Seiler (1969, CH) 1 lic. rer. pol.; Rochester-Bern Executive MBA Program 2 Various positions in the banking industry; Loeb Holding AG, Bern, most recently as CFO; joined Jungfrau Railways in 2002 3 Member of the Jungfrau Railways Executive Board 4 Board of Directors of subsidiaries (PHL, BLM, HB, JB, WAB, MB, GGI, JGA) 5 None 6 Chairman of the Foundation Board of Jungfrau Railways Staff Pension Fund; Foundation Board for the Mürren Sports Facilities Foundation; Board of Directors Seiler AG, Bönigen 7 Chairman of Swiss Athletics; 8 None 9 Head of Finance & Controlling Department (CFO) 10 None


See figure 4.1.


For members of the Executive Board, the limit is one mandate for listed companies, three mandates for non-listed companies and fifteen mandates for other legal entities such as foundations and associations. (Art. 17, Jungfraubahn Holding AG statutes)


There are no management contracts, management is fully exercised within the Group.