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The board has set itself the goal of maintaining high season visitor numbers in the longer term. There is a potential for increase in the better utilisation of the off-season. The motto of our CEO Urs Kessler, "10 months of high season", thus remains unchanged. In winter sports, the goal is to achieve the strongest visitor numbers from the previous decade again. This is the basis for the comfort area of the infrastructure after the construction of the V-Cableway. In addition, sales growth will result from a price level that is adapted to the increasing attractiveness and an expansion of the value creation chain. Within the scope of the utilisation of existing skills, a significant increase in shopping sales is the target. When assessing the achievement of the objectives, the traffic revenues of the railways and the revenues of the ancillary businesses are important parameters. The average revenue per visitor and the utilisation of resources can be calculated based on the reported frequencies and the seat kilometres produced. With these methods, marketing can be used to optimise margins  and production (yield pricing). Our financial targets are based on our minimum expectations of operational return (productivity) and investment success. An ambitious free cash flow target in times of high investments underlines our desire to create value for the company and its shareholders.