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We place constructive dialogue with our stakeholders at the centre of corporate governance. The corporate governance of the Jungfrau Railway Group is based on the "Swiss Code of Best Practice" of "economie suisse". As a relatively small company, we must ensure that management and supervisory tools do not lead to unacceptable overheads. Our solutions are adapted to the needs of the company according to the principle of proportionality.

The following information on corporate governance has been structured in accordance with the guidelines of SIX Swiss Exchange (RLCG). In various places, the statutes and the organisational regulations are referred to, these can be downloaded at The disclosures in the Corporate Governance Report refer to the status at 31 December 2017. Any significant changes occurring after this deadline, but before the editorial deadline, are identified as such. The corporate governance guidelines are merely the formal foundation of a comprehensive concept of fair and transparent behaviour. Only with a positive attitude towards this idea can something be achieved. The focus is on an open and regular exchange of opinions and information. The people behind the Jungfrau Railway Group, from company management to staff, strive to maintain contact and the constructive dialogue with all stakeholders.