Pure adventure

Guests whiz through the air with the First Flyer or First Glider at over 80 km/h. When driving the Mountain Cart, they get the ground back under the wheels. One's pulse only begins to slow down on the Trottibike.

The gate snaps open, the body shoots into the emptiness and the heart rate shoots up to 180. This is how the start of the First Flyer feels. Shortly before the flight, many people want to slip out of their harness, which is attached to an 800-metre-long steel cable. With a mean gradient of 27.9%, it leads down to the Bergrestaurant Schreckfeld, which looks small and out of reach from the launch platform. The soaring provides you with an adrenaline rush. At 50 metres above the ground and with speeds of up to 84 km/h, visitors race through the air before a special system brakes their flight and, gently cushioned, they have the earth beneath their feet again.

First Flieger Adventure Sommer Grindelwald Start
First Flieger Adventure Alp Schreckfeld Sommer

Fly like an eagle

Only to take off again, this time with the First Glider. The gigantic eagle carries four guests in its claws from Schreckfeld up to First – at 72 km/h. It travels even faster on the return flight: it storms down the 800-metre route at up to 83 km/h. Its "prey" glides through the air face down, just as when flying with a hand glider.

First Mountaincart Adventure Kind Sommer
First Mountaincart Panorama Eiger Wetterhorn Grindelwald

Easy Ride over hill and dale

After the high-altitude flights, you can stay on the ground for the next adventure: the Mountain Cart is an easy-to-use vehicle, where the driver sits a few centimetres above the ground, stable between wide tires. The legs at the front wheel are supported, the arms extend to the high handlebar, and it all feels a bit like Easy Rider. On a 2.8-kilometre-long natural route, you will travel from Schreckfeld along alpine pastures to the Bergrestaurant Bort. If you like it sporty, you can use the brakes of the Mountain Cart and your body weight in the bends. "You can let the vehicle drift, if you brake more on the inside and lean somewhat towards the inside," reveals Joachim Jessberger, whose father invented the Mountain Cart.

Grindelwald First Trottibike Weg Wiese Sommer
Trottibike Adventure Strecke Bort Grindelwald Sommer
Trottibike Adventure Grindelwald Sommer

Back in the comfort zone

On the last stage is a literal comedown. The 3.5-kilometre ride with the Trottibike from Bort to Grindelwald is the ideal way to soothe the pulse. Equipped with a suspension fork and strong brakes, the Trottibike is a comfortable cross between bike and scooter. It peacefully rolls into the valley station of the First Railway, past meadows, pastures, mountain peaks and flower gardens.

Multipack adventure

Put your Adventure Package together according to your mood. Upon purchase, set the desired number of trips and then decide your favourite(s) when you are on the mountain. The aerial gondola can be used for unlimited trips. The package includes one, two, three or four trips.