Eiger Walk of Fame

Dramatic first attempts, triumphant ascents: you can experience the Eiger North Face and its legendary history up close on this themed trail. From Eigergletscher station, a mountain hiking trail leads you first to a photo spot a little lower down: here you can take a selfie with the Eiger North Face in the background – and capture the breathtaking views of Grindelwald. Meanwhile, information boards along the way tell the eventful history of mountaineering including soloists, direttissima, winter heroes and daring rescue operations. For those who are interested, a total of eight panels offer stories about the brave mountaineers who took on the North Face, including facts, dates and famous routes. Once at Fallboden, you can decide whether to take the circular route back to the Eigergletscher or walk down to Kleine Scheidegg. Experience the challenging ascents of the most famous mountain face in the Alps – no need to bivouac at dizzying heights for this.

Approximate hiking time:

  • Eiger Walk of Fame circular trail (Eigergletscher - Eiger Walk of Fame - Eigergletscher): 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Eiger Walk of Fame descent to Kleine Scheidegg (Eigergletscher - Eiger Walk of Fame - Kleine Scheidegg): 1 hour 30 minutes

Detailed description of the hike

New hiking trail open from spring 2024.