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Welcome in the Jungfrau Ski Region!

I love sledding or skiing down the cool slopes. My favourite slope in the Jungfrau Ski Region is the Lauberhorn run, the longest run in the world. In the snow park I try out the latest tricks on the snowboard. Wow, that's fun! There is also an exciting treasure hunt and on the First I dare to try out the First Flyer. The speed is totally exhilarating and the snow-covered peaks are perfect!

Lilys Winter Highlights

  • Lily Winter Slopes: Snow fun for the little ones

    Lily Winter Slopes: Snow fun for the little ones

    Grindelwald has two slope areas especially designed for children. On the Grindelwald-First adventure mountain, children can let off steam on the Lily Fun Slope with fun obstacles. On Kleine Scheidegg, two more Lily Slopes offer lots of skiing fun. 

    • Grindelwald-First | Kleine Scheidegg
    • On Saturday children receive a free day ticket
  • First Flyer: Through the air at 84 km/h

    First Flyer: Through the air at 84 km/h

    The First Flyer is a Flying Fox variant that guarantees boundless freedom and high speeds. Perfectly secured, up to four people whiz along the 800 metre long steel cable from First to Schreckfeld at a top speed of 84 kilometres per hour. In winter too!

    • 2,166 – 1,956 m
    • Time required ~ 10 minutes
  • First Glider: Fly like an eagle

    First Glider: Fly like an eagle

    The First Glider is an eagle that lets up to four passengers soar through the snowy mountain landscape at high speed. First it is pulled up backwards from Schreckfeld to First at a speed of 72 km/h. The return journey reaches speeds of 83 km/h.

    • 2,166 – 1,956 m
    • Time required ~ 15 minutes

Lilys Summer Highlights

  • Puzzle fun for children
    Lily treasure chest background

    Puzzle fun for children

    Lily’s treasure hunt satisfies children’s curiosity and urge to run around (4 - 11 years). Those who answer all the questions correctly at the nine posts can choose a treasure from the treasure chest.

    • 1,967 m
    • Time required ~ 45 minutes
  • Floral splendour with panorama

    Floral splendour with panorama

    The Schynige Platte is home to a unique floral display in the Alpine region. Those who follow the Swiss Flower & Panorama Trail are right in the middle of the rich alpine flora. What there is to admire changes from month to month. The trail leads from the railway station to the mountain hotel.

    • 1,967 m
    • Time required ~ 30 minutes
  • Lily's Alpine Playground with slide

    Lily's Alpine Playground with slide

    At the new children’s playground right next to the Berghotel, children will find everything their imagination desires, while parents are enchanted by the stunning mountain panorama.
    • 1,967 m
    • Time required ~ 30+ minutes
  • ToEShop Chalet Souvenirs 1

    Lily’s Souvenirs

    Flagship Store in Interlaken and Grindelwald Terminal you can get many great souvenirs from me. Come by and be surprised!”

    • Lily's Souvenirs available from the Top of Europe Shop in Grindelwald Terminal or the Flagship Store in Interlaken

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Children ski free on Saturdays
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