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"Teatime Ticket" combi offer, including Wilderswil-Schynige Platte return train journey as well as 1 tea or coffee and 1 biscuit, is valid daily from 14:05 h. The return journey is also undertaken on your own. Tea or coffee and pastries are available at the Berghotel Schynige Platte upon presentation of your train ticket.

Hotel Schynige Platte
Jasmin und Thomas Willem
3812 Wilderswil
+41 33 828 73 73

Prices (in CHF per Person)

Route Wilderswil - Schynige Platte return trip
Validity Adults Reduced<span class="tooltip" data-tooltip="data-tooltip" title="

Reduced with:
Half Fare Card, Swiss Half Fare Card, GA, Swiss Travel Pass, Swiss Travel pass Flex (validated.)

Children 6-15<span class="tooltip" data-tooltip="data-tooltip" title="

Children with a Junior or Children&#39;s Co-Travelcard pay for what they eat or drink in the restaurant.&nbsp;

26.05.22 - 23.10.22
Daily from 14.05 h
49.- 29.- free