2015 Consolidated Statement of Income 1. Semester 2015/2014

from 1st January to 30th June
(in thousand CHF)20152014Varation

Operating income
Transportation revenue65'37459'0036'371
Energy sales4'6874'59394
Shop sales2'2452'138107
Income from services3'0212'288733
Rental income3'2943'348-54
Other income3'6033'841-238
Total operating income86'42479'5326'892

Operating expenses
Cost of goods sold-1'091-1'019-72
Purchase of energy-1'845-1'736-109
Staff costs-28'120-27'592-528
Other operating expenses-20'854-20'437-417
Total operating expenses-51'910-50'784-1'126

Depreciation on tangible assets-14'829-13'530-1'299
Depreciation on intangible assets-430-344-86
Total depreciation-15'259-13'874-1'385
Operating Profit / EBIT19'25514'8744'381

Financial income / expenses
Financial expenses-553-56-497
Financial income45229-184
Total financial income / expenses-508173-681

Income before tax / EBT18'74715'0473'700

Income taxes-4'014-3'224-790
Net profit before minority interests14'73311'8232'910
Minority interests-99-97-2
Net profit after minority interests 14'63411'7262'908

Earnings per share
Net profit for the period (in CHF)14'634'00011'726'000
Shares issued5'835'0005'835'000
Average stock treasury shares-21'697-26'704
Average number outstanding shares5'813'3035'808'296
Undiluted and diluted result per share in CHF2.522.02

You will find the complete information in six months report of Jungfraubahn Holding AG.


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