An easier way to get to the Jungfrau Region from 2020

From 2020, it will be even easier and more convenient to get to Interlaken and the Jungfrau Region. From June, the new ICE4 train will be used on the direct route to and from Germany. It will also be possible to book a train journey to/from Interlaken including a plane ticket from Swiss International Air Lines. SBB, Jungfrau Railways, the Canton of Bern, Jungfrau Region Tourism and Interlaken Tourism are meeting the expected increase in guests through the V-Cableway and signed a joint letter of intent on Monday, 16 December 2019.

Reach the Eiger Glacier 47 minutes faster: thanks to the planned V-Cableway, in particular through the opening of the Eiger Express tricable gondola by Jungfrau Railways on 12 December 2020, the significance of the Jungfrau Region tourist destination will be further strengthened.

Dealing with the increase in visitors together

The expected increase in visitors needs to be dealt with through joint initiatives. That is why the canton of Bern, Jungfrau Railways, Jungfrau Region Tourism, Interlaken Tourism and the SBB have decided on a long-term cooperation. The five partners signed a letter of intent on 16 December 2019. The joint work programme in particular targets improvements in long-distance transport and international passenger transport, with tailored services and synergies in sales and marketing.

The signatories were Christoph Ammann, President of the Bernese local government, Urs Kessler (CEO) for Jungfrau Railways, Marc Ungerer (Managing Director) for Jungfrau Region Tourismus AG, Daniel Sulzer, (Director) for Interlaken Tourismus, Andreas Meyer (CEO) for the Swiss Federal Railways SBB and Michel Berchtold (Regional Manager) for SBB Mitte.

Improvements for the locals and for guests

The result of this collaboration can be experienced directly when travelling to the Jungfrau Region. The new ICE4 trains will be used on direct routes to and from Germany from June 2020. For travellers to and from Interlaken Ost, this means more seating and comfort. Customers will also benefit from free WiFi on international trains. From next year, it will also be possible to book a train journey to/from Interlaken including a plane ticket from Swiss International Air Lines.

The SwissPass is the simple digital key for numerous offers in the region, such as a trip to the Schynige Platte or on the First Railway. The possibility of renting winter sports equipment and ski storage units at the Grindelwald Terminal allows customers to travel safely without ski equipment on the train. Thanks to digital orientation aids at the key train stations, customers are guided to their destination easily and stress-free. And from 2021, the connection of national to international tariffs will enable universal, cross-border and simplified ticketing.

Benefits for local people

Local people will also benefit from this cooperation between the five partners by providing them with better public transport connections and reducing motorised private transport. In the medium term, there are direct train connections to and from Zurich Airport. In the long term, there will also be a direct half-hourly service between Bern and Interlaken Ost.

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