Ban Ki-moon visits Jungfraujoch

On the occasion of the SwissECS Swiss Energy and Climate Summit, former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon visited the Swiss capital. On Friday, 22 September 2017, the day after his appearance, he travelled to Jungfraujoch, together with a delegation headed by former Swiss president Adolf Ogi.

On 21 September 2017, the former UN Secretary General was the star guest at the Swiss Energy and Climate Summit (SwissECS) in Bern, Switzerland, and talked about the influence of the global political landscape on the future of energy, climate change and migration under the heading of "Leader's Global Outlook". One day after his presentation, the South Korean statesman visited Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe as part of a "VIP Special".

The former UN Secretary General is visiting the highest railway station in Europe for various reasons: Firstly, there is a high alpine research station for environmental and climate research on Jungfraujoch. Furthermore, Jungfraujoch is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch – the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Alps. It is thus dedicated to sustainable treatment of nature. As a South Korean, Ban Ki-moon also represents one of the most important groups of guests who travel to Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe every year.

Gear clock in Korean
Ban Ki-moon was accompanied by his wife, Yoo Soon-teak and a delegation of 23 well-known Swiss businesspeople, including the CEO of ABB Switzerland, Remo Lütolf, President of SwissECS, Ueli Winzenried, and Dominik Isler, CEO of the Swiss Economic Forum. He was also joined by the South Korean ambassador and former Swiss president Adolf Ogi. The host and Jungfrau Railways CEO Urs Kessler welcomed Ban Ki-moon in the Korean language and presented him with a gear clock. This was made by apprentices at the Jungfrau Railways workshop on the Eiger Glacier at 2,320 metres above sea level .

The announced visit of Ban Ki-moon to Jungfraujoch was met with interest in the South Korean media. "We are proud to welcome such an influential personality on the international political stage to the Top of Europe," said Urs Kessler, adding: "The images published in the South Korean media will further strengthen the positioning of the Jungfraujoch in one of our most important markets."