Communicator of the Year: Jungfrau Railways Director Urs Kessler honoured

Urs Kessler, director of Jungfrau Railways, has been honoured in Zurich as an “active and skilled” communicator. The Swiss Association for Internal and Integrated Communications (SVIK) and the Erwin Blaser Foundation awarded Urs Kessler the “Communicator of the Year 2019” prize for his “commitment to improving cooperation among employees” and for strengthening the “cultural understanding of the workforce towards their guests”.

Personal contact with as many employees as possible is at the core of Urs Kessler’s internal communications, writes Daniel L. Ambühl, SVIK President and Chairman of the Jury. This has also been evident to the employees on various occasions, such as when he expresses his enthusiasm for the Jungfrau Railways and the ongoing and upcoming projects, says Ambühl.

“Whether I am talking to a member of the Executive Board or an operational or winter sports employee over coffee, the human being is always of equal value”, is how Kessler describes his philosophy. The jury notes that the Jungfrau Railways Director always approaches people with the same naturalness and openness. He greets new employees personally on the monthly introduction day and demands entrepreneurial thinking and loyalty to the company.

Even Urs Kessler started out with an apprenticeship as a railway operations dispatcher before later transforming marketing at Jungfrau Railways. According to Ambühl, his marketing is customer-oriented, international and multicultural, and “years ahead of his colleagues in the industry”.