Consolidated Statement of Income 1. Semester 2016

1. Semester 2016/2015
(in thousand CHF)20162015Varation

Operating income
Transportation revenue59'00265'374-6'372
Energy sales4'1204'687-567
Shop sales2'4262'245181
Income from services2'6733'021-348
Rental income3'3553'29461
Other income2'6672'103564
Total operating income78'72784'924-6'197

Operating expenses
Cost of goods sold-1'148-1'091-57
Purchase of energy-1'577-1'845268
Staff costs-28'718-28'120-598
Other operating expenses-19'020-19'354334
Total operating expenses-50'463-50'410-53

Depreciation on tangible assets-17'055-14'829-2'226
Depreciation on intangible assets-392-43038
Total depreciation-17'447-15'259-2'188
Operating Profit / EBIT10'81719'255-8'438

Financial income / expenses
Financial expenses-103-553450
Financial income2'526452'481
Total financial income / expenses2'423-5082'931

Income before tax / EBT13'24018'747-5'507

Income taxes-2'821-4'0141'193
Net profit before minority interests10'41914'733-4'314
Minority interests142-99241
Net profit for the period after minority interests10'56114'634-4'073

Earnings per share
Shares issued5'835'0005'835'000
Average stock treasury shares-11'102-21'697
Average number outstanding shares5'823'8985'813'303
Undiluted and diluted result per share  in CHF1.812.52

You will find the complete information in six months report of Jungfraubahn Holding AG.


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