Construction site information regarding night work on the Eiger glacier

There is a lot of activity at the construction site in Grindelwald Grund. At the same time, intensive work is already being carried out at the summit station of the Eigerexpress tricable gondola. In order to fully maintain the operation of the Jungfrau Railway, various work on the Eiger Glacier must also be carried out at night until the start of winter.

From August until the start of winter, the excavation for the future tricable gondola Eigerexpress station will be carried out on the Eiger glacier. For the rock excavation blasting and the use of drilling equipment is required. This work cannot be carried out while trains are in operation. Therefore, shifts are planned on the Eiger glacier in the coming months according to project planning.

Construction workers will strive to minimise and contain sources of noise during the night as much as possible. The explosions are primarily triggered shortly after the end of operations or shortly before the start of operations, in order to keep the disturbance of night-time quiet to marginal times.

The construction site on the Eiger glacier is located far outside inhabited area. However, depending on the alignment with the construction site, the blasts or the hammering and drilling equipment may be audible in the form of a dull rumbling during the night. Jungfrau Railways would like to thank the people and all stakeholders for their understanding of the upcoming work.