FC Thun fans have "pulled in" 187,810 francs

FC Thun needs money to survive in the Raiffeisen Super League. Jungfrau Railways is supporting the club with a rescue mission. From 22 November to 31 December 2016, FC Thun fans were able to collect 70 francs for their club with a journey to Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe. They collected a total of 187,810 francs.

When FC Thun gave out a distress call the previous November, it was clear to Jungfrau Railways that the Bernese Oberland must stand united for its Super League Club. This led to the start of a special promotion on 22 November: FC Thun fans could travel to Jungfraujoch for 70 francs. All the proceeds from this were for the benefit of renovating the club.

The Jungfrau Railways promotion ended on 31 December 2016. FC Thun fans pulled in a total of 187,810 francs, which have now been donated to the club. This contribution should help to save the club.

The transfer was made today in the presence of Urs Kessler, Director of Jungfrau Railways, and Dennis Hediger, Captain of FC Thun, in Stockhorn Arena Thun. Urs Kessler welcomed the outcome of the promotion: "After FC Thun's distress call, it was clear to me that Jungfrau Railways also had to do something. Our promotion motivated 2,683 FC Thun fans to take a trip to Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe. Incidentally, approximately 750 children also made the trip free of charge as part of the special offer."

FC Thun is also extremely happy with the result of the promotion: "With this initiative, Jungfrau Railways impressively demonstrated its solidarity with FC Thun. We are overjoyed that they have given another valuable contribution to securing the existence of FC Thun. It should not be forgotten that our fans were able to combine their donation with an unforgettable trip to Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe."

Competition draw

During the fundraiser, visitors to Jungfraujoch could also take part in a competition. Ten seat subscriptions for FC Thun and ten season subscriptions for the Jungfrau Ski Region were up for grabs. The draw resulted in the following lucky winners:

Winner season subscription Jungfrau Ski Region
Aubert Stefanie Schlieren Ammon Jürg Thun
Moser Charly Wimmis Krähenbühl Marlene Bönigen
Gempeler Patrick Thun Bühler Elisabeth Spiez
Schor Doris Isabelle Thun Mester Sigrid Unterseen
Dürig Bruno Krauchthal Reusser Ferdinand Interlaken
Winner FC Thun seat subscriptions
Last Name First name Home Last Name First name Home
Buchs Dominik Lenk Scotellaro Francesco Matten
Althaus René Uetendorf Wälti Jan Frutigen
Egli Sarah Thun Morgenthaler Helene Wasen
Dummermuth Lorenz Spiez Schmalz Livia Gwatt
Wipf Ursula Thierachern Schneider Timan Belp