First Aerial Cableway renewal: the option from Fuhrematte/Grindelwald railway station is currently being pursued further

The First Aerial Cableway needs to be updated, as the concession for the current railway expires in 2034. Various options have been examined for some time and discussions have been held with any affected landowners. On Tuesday, Jungfrau Railways Director Urs Kessler informed the Grindelwald municipal council and Grindelwald Tourism about the planning status. He explained the decision of First Aerial Cableway to currently pursue the option with the route from Fuhrematte/Grindelwald railway station.

The option of a new route for the First Aerial Cableway from Fuhrematte/Grindelwald railway station to Bort and First is the most promising solution for the village of Grindelwald, guests and the Jungfrau Railways. This was the conclusion reached by managers at First Aerial Cableway after numerous discussions and inspections.

Direct public transport connections

The decisive factor in favour of the variant from Fuhrematte/Grindelwald was the short, direct connection to public transport. In the chosen variant, the Bernese Oberland Railway (BOB), the Wengernalp Railway (WAB) and the local bus come together at Grindelwald railway station.

There is enough space at the new valley station to build an underground parking garage in addition to the new cable car. This will be accessed via the Grindelwald west bypass. In future, there will no longer be any feeder traffic through the village of Grindelwald to the First Aerial Cableway. This will relieve pressure on the village centre from the railway station to the church. Together with the municipality of Grindelwald, the option of a bus terminal at the railway station can also be looked into. This could free up Bärenplatz.

Whether the line will eventually run directly from Bort to First and Schreckfeld will be connected via First, or whether First will continue to be connected via Schreckfeld, needs to be clarified in depth. Detailed tests are also imminent for: a suitable lift system, the exact route and heights of the rope lines, the locations, heights and number of supports, the access routes, the future ski slope routes and the routing for adventure offers.

Schedule and costs

As the concession for the existing First Aerial Cableway expires in 2034 and the railway technology needs to be fundamentally upgraded, Jungfrau Railways is aiming to complete the new construction by 2030. Costs of around CHF 100 million are currently expected, including a new mountain lodge and an upgraded snowmaking system.