Heavy transport for the V-Cableway: Transformer station successfully delivered

This morning, 18 December 2018, BKW's new transformer station was delivered to Grindelwald Grund by road, reaching its destination on schedule at the V-Cableway construction site.

A particular challenge for the heavy transport was the narrow “Stalden curve” below Grindelwald on the last section of the route. The transport weight was 42 tonnes.

Due to the limited load capacity of the roads and bridges, the transformer was transported without oil; detachable parts were delivered separately. The unloading in Grindelwald Grund – at the V-Cableway construction site – took place by pneumatic crane, which placed the transformer on rails. From there, it was moved further into the already created underground level of the future Grindelwald V-Cableway terminal. After assembly, the total weight of the transformer station amounts to 53 tonnes.

With the delivery of the BKW transformer station, an important milestone in the 470 million Swiss franc V-Cableway project can be realised before Christmas. This clears the way for the old transformer station to be dismantled in spring 2019 and for the V-Cableway to be built in good time. The new transformer station will ensure Grindelwald’s entire power supply from April 2019.

Transformer Facts & Figures
Dimensions without removable parts:
Length:   5m
Width:  2.94m
Height:   3.45m
Total weight (after assembly): 53 tonnes
Power:   25 MVA

For footage of the unloading, please visit: https://we.tl/t-7e0uRrTsUx