Landowners informed about routing of 3S tricable ropeway

Press release Jungfrau Railways and Grindelwald-Männlichen Cable Railway: As part of the V-Cableway Project, Jungfrau Railways are planning a 3S tricable ropeway on the Eiger Glacier. On Thursday 8 August 2013, affected landowners were presented the routing of the line.

In future, Männlichen will be served by a new eight-seater gondola lift and Eiger Glacier by a 3S tricable ropeway. For this purpose, Jungfrau Railways and the Grindelwald-Männlichen Cable Railway (GGM) intend to build a common terminal in Grindelwald Grund. The routing plans for the 3S tricable ropeway are now available. The 27 affected land owners were informed by Jungfrau Railways of the details on Thursday 8 August 2013.

The 3S tricable ropeway will transport guests from Grindelwald Grund to the Eiger Glacier, a total distance of 6,483 metres, in 15 minutes. The 3S tricable ropeway will not pass over any houses. The seven towers are planned for outside the water management area and only on the edge of cultivated land. Together with federal and cantonal agencies, the sites were visited on a location scout in early July. Natural hazards have been considered in the planning, and the environmental impact has been reviewed. Due to the height of the masts, no forest clearing is necessary. Only individual trees will need to be felled. Preserved ​​moorlands will not affected.

Integrated into the landscape

The transport capacity of the 3S tricable ropeway is 2,400 persons per hour. The 44 gondolas are largely made of glass. The terminal, the gondolas and the masts will be integrated into the landscape to the greatest extent possible so that they are visually unobtrusive. The 3S tricable ropeway is built by Garaventa/Doppelmayr. The quality, advanced technology and numerous reference objects were decisive in the choice of this manufacturer.

The population of the municipalities of Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen will eventually vote on the project's realization. Due to the future prospects arising from the expansion of the ropeways, Grindelwald town council is developing a building ordinance. This will be open for participation this year.

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