New low-floor trains inaugurated at Jungfrau Railways

The rolling stock at Jungfrau Railways was modernised with four new three-part low-floor trains. On Thursday evening, 25 August 2016, the inauguration of the fourth generation of vehicles at Jungfrau Railways was celebrated after closing time at Kleine Scheidegg.

The renewal of the Jungfrau Railways rolling stock is part of the overall V-Bahn project. Four three-part low-floor trains (NFTZ) were ordered in total from the Stadler company for 32 million francs. The first was delivered in February 2016 and scheduled to run for the first time at the end of May 2016. The commissioning of the other trains was done in stages. From today, 26 August 2016, all four NFTZ (221 – 224) are in regular operation. On Thursday evening, 25 August, the modern trains were inaugurated at Kleine Scheidegg after closing time. Guests and media were then invited on a trip to Jungfraujoch on the NFTZ 224, which will be in operation from today.

More quality and productivity
The three-part trains belong to the fourth generation of vehicles in the 100-year plus history of Jungfrau Railways. The modernisation brings clear advantages for operation. Travel at higher speeds is possible on the Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch stretch with the new rolling stock. The round trip to Jungfraujoch will thus be shortened after the timetable change in December 2016 by half an hour.

The longer trains mean an increase in productivity. With the internal room fittings, customer information system and the low-floor access, the trains conform to the requirements of the Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities Act (BehiG). As well as the increase in quality for guests, the NFTZ trains guarantee a high standard of safety. These standards include a fire extinguishing system in the passenger area.

Important part of the V-Bahn project
With the commissioning of the new rolling stock, one of the eight parts of the V-Bahn project is implemented. After the 2016 timetable changes, three Jungfrau Railways trains will run in a 90-minute circuit from Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch. After the completion of the V-Bahn, two trains will also shuttle in a 60-minute circuit between the Eigergletscher station and Jungfraujoch. In combination with the planned 3S-Bahn, the journey to Jungfraujoch via Grindelwald will again be significantly shortened.