New ticket inspection on the Jungfrau Railways network

Since the beginning of 2019, guests on the route from Interlaken Ost to the Jungfraujoch have been accompanied by Jungfrau Railways train conductors. The focus is on taking care of guests and inspecting tickets. Tickets can no longer be purchased on board. Tickets are mandatory.

Until the introduction of permanent train conductors in January 2019, the passengers on their journey from Interlaken Ost to the Jungfraujoch had their tickets inspected by another train conductor from Jungfrau Railways. Staff were assigned to teams of the Bernese Oberland Railway, Wengernalp Railway or Jungfrau Railway and looked after the guests on the section of the respective railway. Since the beginning of 2019, guests have had constant accompaniment from Interlaken Ost to the Top of Europe. This means that guests are accompanied from 567 to 3,454 metres above sea level.

Focus on customer care
In the foreground of the continuous accompaniment is customer care. Staff do not just check tickets. They accompany the guests on their journey and provide information and tips. 

The Bernese Oberland Railway, Wengernalp Railway and Jungfrau Railway have acquired new rolling stock over the past few years, thanks to which longer trains can be used. That means more passengers per train, which shortens the time for checks. The time-consuming sale of tickets on board is no longer offered, as is already the case with other public transport companies. If you board a Jungfrau Railways train without a ticket, you are liable to pay the usual surcharge of 90 Swiss francs on top of the fare. At the beginning of April 2019, the first random checks will be carried out on the Lauterbrunnen-Wengen line. From 1 May 2019, the surcharge will apply to all Jungfrau Railways lines.

Customers kept informed
All trains will have signs and advertising screens informing customers of the surcharges for not holding a valid ticket. In order to be understood as widely as possible, the well-known pictogram is used.
Furthermore, Jungfrau Railways uses information boards at stations to make its guests aware that they must be in possession of a valid ticket when boarding the train. The corresponding information has already been communicated on the printed and online timetables.