The SnowpenAir will ring out at the Grindelwald Terminal from 2021

The dead live longer: after the 23rd and final edition of SnowpenAir on Kleine Scheidegg could not take place because of Covid-19, a silver lining has appeared on the horizon. From March 2021, SnowpenAir will take place with a new look at the terminal in Grindelwald Grund.

Urs Kessler, SnowpenAir founder and director of Jungfrau Railways, is confident: “The event will take place outside; we will work out a protection concept and the good weather has always been a loyal companion.” Kessler is still keeping the lineup under wraps. Negotiations with various artists are ongoing. An attempt will be made to present the same programme that was scheduled for 4–5 April 2020.

The fact that the SnowpenAir can no longer take place at its original location at Kleine Scheidegg is due to a deal concerning the V-Cableway generation project. Those objecting to the project, the owners of the Hotel Bellevue on Kleine Scheidegg, were only prepared to withdraw their objection if there was no SnowpenAir on the site in future.

Due to the current situation around Covid-19, Jungfrau Railways has cancelled the originally planned musical winter kick-off event on 5/6 December on Kleine Scheidegg for the opening of the V-Cableway. So, what could be better than to hold SnowpenAir at the modern V-Cableway terminal in Grindelwald Grund? Land negotiations with neighbouring farms have already been successfully concluded. Around 10,000 people can be seated on the gently ascending area overlooking the valley station of the Eiger Express.


Advance sales info: as soon as the line-up is known, the date for the advance sales and prices will be announced – see also the website: www.snowpenair.ch/en-gb/. The tickets are personalised so that all information is available for possible contact tracing.