V-Cableway: Agreement reached with Scheidegg Hotels

After years of negotiations and personal discussions, Jungfrau Railways was able to find a solution for realising the V-Cableway project with Scheidegg Hotels AG. On 17 October 2017, the agreement jointly prepared by both parties was signed.

With this agreement, Scheidegg Hotels AG is withdrawing its objections to the V-Cableway project. The agreement also regulates the most important elements of dealing with tourism on Kleine Scheidegg. After intensive rounds of negotiation, it was possible to find an acceptable solution in mid-October 2017 for both parties.

Jungfrau Railways and the von Almen family (Scheidegg Hotels AG) are pursuing the same objectives on Kleine Scheidegg. They would like to enhance the quality of the destination and make further developments with the construction of the V-Cableway. The teepee and Valser tent will be replaced by new services. After the opening of the Eiger Express, Jungfrau Railways will discontinue the "SnowpenAir" end of season concert. Measures to increase its attractiveness offer additional development potential for all providers on Kleine Scheidegg.

A few objections remain
For Jungfrau Railways, the agreement with Scheidegg Hotels AG signifies an important milestone in the project planning of the V-Cableway. They now hope to be able to counter the few remaining objections as quickly as possible. The target is to start construction in early summer 2018, in order to open the new Männlichen cableway at the end of 2019 and the Eiger Express at the end of 2020.