V-Cableway: Construction site information: July and August 2018

Construction work on the V-Cableway has been in full swing since mid-June 2018. Work has already started on all of the sub-projects. The current construction site information contains a list of the most important construction works of the coming weeks. An overview plan (see image 2 of the communication above), where the individual measures are precisely put into place.

Construction work until the end of August

1. Infrastructure

  • Mid-July: A crane is placed at the current GGM valley station.
  • End of July: A crane is placed in the middle of the GGM car park.
  • Piezometers and inclinometers are installed for subsoil monitoring.
  • Supply lines laid.
  • The Tuftbach is diverted (remains as previously culverted).

2. Rothenegg stop

  • The site trail is created along the track.
  • Start of excavation stage west: Nail wall created, piles drilled.

3. Grund terminal

  • Start of shell construction for transformer system: Floor slabs and walls are concreted.
  • Landscaping.
  • Warehouse, garage and WC facilities of the GGM are discontinued.
  • Excavation safety and nail wall are created.
  • Start of construction on the Rothenegg connecting corridor and the rear building sections.

4. GGM station and 3S Eigerexpress

  • Clamping shaft is created.
  • Piles are drilled.

Info Pavilion and construction site news

One can visit he Info Pavilion near the office containers at Grindelwald Grund beginning in August. It is open seven days a week, 08.00 – 18.00 h. At the Info Pavilion, interested parties will learn facts about the V-Cableway as well as the construction progress of the individual subprojects. Questions or suggestions can be put into a letterbox at the feedback salon. Those who prefer to be informed from home can visit www.jungfrau.ch/v-bahn. In the next few weeks, the construction site news and the new live webcams will also be available there.

Parking situation and bus stop

  • Cars can be parked at the GGM and Talgietli car park (signposted).
  • Coaches park as usual during the day at the Talgietli car park and at night at the GGM car park.
  • All markings and signage have been renewed. During the high season, the briefing is additionally carried out by a transport service.
  • The bus stop (local bus) is located directly in front of the Info Pavilion.

Männlichen Railway access

  • Access to the GGM is along the Lütschine via a skywalk (signposted) and is also guaranteed for pedestrians with walking aids, wheelchairs and pushchairs.
  • Delivery of goods takes place on the southern side of the construction site access and is always guaranteed.

Project of the Grindelwald municipality: Flood protection and development

End of July: Start of construction in the area of Grindelwald Grund station

  • Construction of supply lines.
  • Construction of the foundations for the new bridge over the Lütschine.

General works

During the construction period, construction equipment and materials are regularly delivered to the former staff car park behind the Intersport building, both for the construction of the Grund terminal and the construction site on the Eiger glacier. For temporary storage of building materials, a wooden shelter and a bulk material hall made of concrete elements are currently being constructed.

The drilling of the piles and the sheet pile work will cause some noise pollution. The work will take place within the defined time window.

Jungfrau Railways, the Grindelwald-Männlichen gondola lift and the municipality of Grindelwald thank everyone concerned for their understanding with the upcoming construction works.

Contact for questions or concerns: [email protected] or +41 33 828 71 11