Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with my parking voucher?

It is mandatory to have the voucher with you to show it upon arrival.
Either enter the 5-digit parking code at the automated entry machine or
show the voucher to our staff on the main road.

How do I use my parking code?

  • Enter your personal parking code at the entry machine using the "voucher" button.
    The 5-digit parking code is on the voucher.
  • The ticket provided is valid for multiple entries and exits during the booked period.
  • You don't need a new ticket from the entry machine for multiple entries. Allow the reader to once again read in the ticket. We recommend that you leave the ticket in your car. Then you will always have it at your fingertips.
  • In any case, you must recode the ticket before exiting. If for some reason the ticket with the code is not requested upon entry, it is mandatory that you have the ticket recoded at one of the automatic paystations before exiting. There is no way to recode at the exit (at the barrier).

Where can I park in the car park? Is a specific space reserved?

You can park in any open space in the car park. There is no specific space reserved for you. The car park is open all day.

Can I change, rebook or cancel my reservation?

The reservation may not be cancelled or refunded. Reservations are valid for the registered car number; postponement of the reservation period is not possible. The reservation and the code are valid only within the booked time period. If your car number is unknown (such as for a rental car), please write this in the "number plate" field.
You have the option to take out cancellation insurance when booking. If you cannot make the trip or must cancel due to serious illness, serious pregnancy complications, serious injury or death, then the cancellation insurance assumes the contractually obligated costs up to the insured amount.You can read the general terms and conditions of the cancellation insurance here.

What should I do if I want to park longer than what was booked?

If you park longer than your reservation is booked, then you must extend the ticket at the automated cashier and pay the extra outstanding amount before exiting from the car park. Please note that there is no payment option at the exit (barrier). An extension of the parking time is possible at any time at the automatic paystation.

What happens to my booking if I arrive late?

There is no refund if you arrive too late. The reservation and the parking code are valid only within the booked time period. You can enter the car park with the parking code during the entire reserved time period. We can also offer you a parking space in the event of a late arrival.

What should I do if I arrive earlier than I have booked?

You cannot enter with the parking code in the case of early arrival. This is only active at the entrance column during the reserved time period. Therefore, pull a ticket from the entry machine. After the start of the scheduled time, you can recode the ticket at an automatic paystation. You pay for the additional days directly at the automatic paystation. There is no guarantee of a free space before the rental period that you booked online begins.

Will I receive an amount back in the case of early departure?

There is no refund in the case of early departures.

What should I do if my stay is postponed, but the number of days remains the same?

(Example: You arrive 2 days later, but stay 2 days longer than booked)
There is no remuneration and no credit for a postponement of the period that was paid for. You will be charged directly on site for the number of days that you stay longer than planned.

I lost my parking ticket. What can I do?

Lost tickets can be replaced only upon presentation of the voucher. You can print the voucher at any time in your account at

I do not have my voucher with me. Can I still enter the car park?

No, you can only enter the car park with the voucher because you cannot enter the parking code without a voucher. You must take a new, unpaid ticket, if you arrive with no voucher. There are no refunds for reservations that have been booked online.