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Speedy self-service restaurant

At the “Speedy” restaurant, things are simple, quick and uncomplicated. Homemade sandwiches, Graubünden barley soup, goulash soup, Wienerli with bread and homemade cakes are available directly in the reception hall (ground floor) of Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe. The name says it all: in good weather, the restaurant guarantees fresh products with waiting times of less than five minutes.

Opening times

Open when the weather is good and demand is high from 12.00 h to 14.00 h
Dear guests, due to the current coronavirus protection concept, we ask that you wear a protective mask. Protective masks may only be taken off when sitting at the table. At the restaurant, we comprehensively record guest data (one guest per group).

Even at lunchtime, the waiting time is no longer than 5 minutes.

You have a clear view of the mountains and glacier at the “Speedy” restaurant.

Jungfrau Gastronomie AG would like to point out that it is likely that the required distance will not be met, thus increasing the risk of infection. It is possible that you will be contacted by the competent cantonal authority. We draw attention to their powers to order a quarantine if there has been contact with people infected with Covid-19.
Jungfrau Gastronomie AG
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